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Had a guy come in that bought "cheap banners" needing us to finish the job. So he bought 2 6' x 8' blank banners, hemmed and grommeted, and digital prints which he wants us to overlay on the banner. AND the prints are tiled in 2 - 4' wide sections.....I have never seen anything or have been requested to do something like this EVER. Who sold this crap to him??? Bottom line is I can not laminate these prints to the banners on the laminator, and I sure am not gonna do them by hand. Trying to sell new PRINTED banners to him....


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easy, tell him in order to use his product to finish the job will cost $500

your new banners and he keeps his stuff to do whatever he wants, $490

of course use whatever numbers you want, just illustrative purposes :wink:


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Tell him the process to apply the vinyl to the banners he has takes a long time and as such will cost.....

Then proceed as the previous post said.


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he should also know, that, when you apply prints to banner material.... flapping in the breeze, rolling-up / unrolling, etc. will eventually cause the print to crack apart and delaminate in sections from the banner.


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can you mask the prints and apply them that way? even if you need to use a little rapid tac. I know it's not ideal, but if he's not going to pay to have it done properly, you may as well make some money off the time you wasted with him. Shouldn't take too long to do either.

Make sure you let him know that since he didn't buy the materials from you, you offer no warantee at all.

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Tell him the truth. He got screwed and should try to get his money back. Then offer to fix the problem by offering him a One-time only 25% discount to have you do them the right way from the start.

Don't try to fix someone's mess like that. Its not worth it to you or the customer in the long run. Learned my lessons the hard way. Don't make the same mistakes I did.


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Break out the duct tape or up sell to the 3M clear packing tape.....
Done in 15min or less.


Should have ask them if they take their bacon and eggs to the restaurant to get cooked.

This is actually how banners were done before the print age showed up. I've done a couple of 4' x 150' banners all layered. A marketing agency carts them around to about 20 conference championship events per year. They've been using the same banners for the last five years. Just roll them out and roll them back up when they're done.

If I don't have time to outsource a large banner job for print. I layer it and teach the customer to roll it with the vinyl out so it won't crack and or lift.