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todays mid-day newbie


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Well hello to all. My name is Stephanie and I recently started making signs within the last 6 monthes. I have learned the Flexi software on my own and have had no one on one help other then the questions I posted on forums. Basically I walked into this job with absolutely no education or experience about what I was doing. So far I taught myself and researched as many things I could find about this field. I like what I do and am starting myself out small. I do coroplast and banners mainly and occassional boat, vehicle, trailer lettering and graphics. Eventually would like to go bigger. However I find difficulty with my prices. I created a program with my Microsoft Excel but still seem like I do things too cheap. Anyways, that's pretty much it. Since I got started and been doing this, I have seen tons of incredible signs produced. Whether on the internet or driving past, I admire alot of the work that you people put into these. :U Rock: Hopefully someday I'll get there too. Best of luck to all and nice to met you.:thumb:


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Hi Stephanie,

I am also fairly new to Signs 101, but I think you will enjoy this place very much. The combined expertise and knowledge base of the members here is incredible. Pricing is probably the hardest part of any business. There is a forum devoted to Q&A about such. Just remember to never sell yourself short - you have to make a living and your products add value for your customers.

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to our boards Stephanie.

You might want to look into SignCalc for your pricing which is written by one of our active members here.


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Welcome to the best forum on the net for ALL sign makers.

As a bare minimum, I would highly suggest either The Sign Blue Book or the "Brown Book", both have a great wealth of information, maybe too much for most of us, but it'll give you a great eye opener to proper sign pricing. I'm not sure what makes the "Brown Book" the "Official" sign contractors pricing guide, but it is a nice book.

Again, welcome, enjoy the comraderie and don't mind the older curmudgeons in the crowd . . . right OP? Hehehe

Bill Preston

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Hello, Stephanie, and welcome.

You might also consider Mark Smith's EstiMate pricing program. I have heard a lot of good things about it, though I don't use it myself. As one of the "older curmudgeons" only doing vehicles nowadays, don't really feel the need for such a program. Been at it for over 40 years, so I have a fair handle on how much I need to make on any given job.

Good luck in your endeavors.

bill preston