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Circleville Signs

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Did this one this morning. 2 guys, 4 hours. Went nice and quick and easy :)

(Not my design - client


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Circleville Signs

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They are a non-profit that raises funds for pediatric cancer research. The color shift is a trick of the light, I think. I just went out and looked at it again and I don't see it with real eyes.

Craig Sjoquist

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great looking for a paint ball club is that what it is

Think I see club on door and all those paint ball splatters but still think they should say it is a paint ball center somewhere sees no address why the 800 # and what is NC 4k is that a paint ball run

Don't know but just taking money to do a wrap may pay the bills but I would have asked what the heck they were thinking when this was designed ..makes our trade look bad


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Sack the designer!!!!
Or maybe sack the guy who is in charge of advertising.
What a huge waste of money especially for what I can only guess is a charity it says nothing about cancer research it is as if whoever designed it was trying to hide what it was all about.
It looks as if someone decided lets have splats and loads of colour and what ever you do don't mention anywhere about Cancer!