Too Much Black?


I had a quick question that I was hoping someone may be able to help me with? Normally when I print black lettering, I apply a contour cut to the letters. On this certain job, the customer wants 3"X5" bumper sticker-style decals, with small black lettering and a white background. I'm not sure if it was because I have been applying a contour cut around black lettering in the past or not, but on these bumper stickers, I've definately noticed alot of "feathering" around the letters. Almost like there is too much black being dropped down? The red on the decal is printing great, with a nice sharp edge. But it seems that no matter what I try with the black, I just can't get a sharp edge? I've played around with some of the settings, but don't want to get too far out of whack. If anyone has had a similar issue, and may know how to fix it, I'd greatly appreciate the help! Thanks!

*Roland Versacamm / FlexiSign PRO / Max ink


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I know you can limit the amount of ink that the machine lays down with versaworks but I have never used that function yet so my only thought is slowing the head speed down to 600 instead of 760.


When I print small black text on my Seiko I print in unidirectional mode. Seems to eliminate any left pass - right pass alignment issues. Also I turn off color management on the black. That makes the printer only use black ink to print black and not 4-color. Also I get less overspray when the heads are in it's lower position.


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Depends on the mixture of black you sent versus what the RIP is converting that to. I use Wasatch, so not sure how this goes in VW. When I send a normal CMYK black (K100 only) and I've got the RIP to convert that to something on the order of C25 M25 Y25 K100. This produces a nice rich black, but not too heavy like you'll often get with RGB black.