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Suggestions trade show carpet floor graphics?


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How temporary? On low pile trade show carpet I've used 4mil matte. Also did a boat with laminated 2 mil. Client only needed it to last a weekend. No complaints. YMMV


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not sure of the carpet but i found some stuff in the fellers catalog. walk and wall
8mil matte white textured vinyl with textile reinforcement and acrylic solvent repositionable, removable adhesive

· Designed for short term floor and wall graphics on carpet, tile, wood, stone, metal, glass, and painted surfaces

· Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

· No lamination required

· Meets ASTM D 2047 and R12 testing for slip resistance

· Polyethylene coated paper liner

· M1 & B1 Flame Certificate

so i'm going to use this


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Walk N Wall is pretty great for carpet. It'll stick hard, but it won't leave any residue when it comes up. It's textured and doesn't need the overlam. The other materials I've used are Drytac Polar, but it needs an overlam. Jessup TexWalk is very similar to WnW, but last I checked it was a bit pricier. I believe they both only come in 48 and smaller.


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We tested our regular old Avery 1005 cast a while ago on the carpet in our shop. I was surprised that it survived months of being walked on by our staff. It was cut in a custom shape with curves and no sharp corners.