Tradeshow pannel trimmer


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Hi there everyone.

We are looking to purchase an trimmer like a Keencut Advanced Rotary Cutter 100" Just wondering whaqt you guys would recomend.

JR Digital

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if you want to trim thick tradeshow pannels, i suggest you dont get a rotary cutter, get a keencut javelin ( mounts onto work bench ), or the sabre. or get a wall mounted trimmer like a seal multi-cut or fletcher. But if you insist on getting a rotary trimmer, the best are Neolt brand. I have 2 and use them everyday.


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I agree that a rotary cutter is the way to go. It will cut long panels in one pass without issues. Just be sure to get a size that is appropriate for the largest typical graphic you cut.
Hey JR,
What model of Neolt do you have? I ran an electric one for a while and it was a piece of crap. I ended up having to add a bunch of shims to get it to hold media and it got to the point where I partially disassembled it and ran it by hand. Maybe the manual ones are better?



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I was just looking at (on line) the Fletcher machine. Do they require multiple passes to cut DiBond? Is it as efficient as something like a panel saw? (which we have and use)

Looking to cut down on: 1. Noise 2. Sawdust 3. Edges that need filing after the cut process.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.