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Training is a great investment!


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I'm glad to be a part of this board. The content looks like its still developing, and I hope I can contribute. I train end users on FlexiSIGN most of the time, so if you've got any questions, I'll try to help out. Thanks for allowing me to be e member.

Fred Weiss

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Hi Mark. Welcome! It's nice to see you here. I've been to your site a couple of times and wondered if you would be stopping in here.

We're not too badly developed Mark ..... we're just reorganizing the site infrastructure to better serve our members as move into the future. Our focus is on community, learning and sharing which we hope you'll do on a regular basis with us.

For those not familiar with Mark, his firm is an independent consulting firm specializing in training on products produced by ScanVec-Amiable. His site is well worth a visit if you own or are thinking about owning any of S-A's software.

dennis j

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Hi Mark, good to see you here I have been to your site several times. Great video that you have on your site showing Flexi for Edge users.


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Welcome from a Flexi Pro user who undoubt will need some advice, training sooner than later.

high impact

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My wife and I just attended Mark's flexi 8 class in Chicago and it was great. Mark is a great instructor!

I recommend his class and material wholeheartedly!


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Mr Mark, Hi and welcome , from Steve.....bobbie friend in atl
And YES if you can please go to this class well worth the price of admission!!