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Transparacy issue in Flexi


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I have matched some colours and there were 2 greys in the logo. I found after multiple tests that I could get the colour correct if I used a 90% transparency in both colours.

I saved my samples and now I am setting up the files for print. What I do is set up a colour bar for all the colours in the files and then import the files and use the view function to isolate each colour and then the eyedropper tool to take the colours from the colour bar and change them accordingly. So I have changed all the colours there are 5, 2 were the transparency colours. When I go back into view colours there are 7 colours in the file. I used the eyedropper tool on the transparancies to change the colour in the inported file but it does not seem to work and I have to manually make the transparency. Even after doing that I still see 7 colours and the transparency colours in the colour bar are in rgb, yet the colours I changed in the file using the eyedropper tool are pantone colours. I am so confused as to why this is happening, although when I print the files they look perfect.

This probably makes no sense but I cant seem to explain what I am experiencing and have never seen this happen before, although I don't work with transparencies very often.


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Just a quick test I did confirmed that Flexi does not transfer "Transparency" or really any effect except the color when using the eye dropper. As to why it's taking it from Pantone to RGB. I'm not sure. When I take a Flexi Spot color and use the eyedropper it does copy the spot color to the new object.

I don't ever use it, but there is a "copy/paste effect" option somewhere. That may copy all the object properties.


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Yes that pantone is the colours I chose using one of those charts uploaded here years ago. I can't figure out why it has them as rgb...I manually went through all the different logos and changed the colours...Then when I went to print it somehow groups all the transparencies together so if you try to send just one of the decals it only sends out everything that is not a transparency...very tricky...so I cleared all the transparencies and now have to do them each on their own just before sending out for print. I can see this being an issue 6 months from now when I have to print more.