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Transparency Tool


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I have always been able to fade a photo by useing a white box and useing the transparency tool under lens effects. I take out the outline and overlay the white transparency over a photo. I have CorelX3 now and this works over shapes or text but will not show on a photo. Is there something I don't know that has been changed?
Any advise will be greatly apperciated. Thank You.:help:


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Even better...............

you can add transparency over the photo itself.
I also layed a white box over the photo and did what you said...worked here.


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Thats whats supposed to happen! I also tried to do your way and it would'nt work. My computer is acting squirrly today so I think its time to shut er' down and restart. Just don't want to shut off Sirius " The Vault " cuz they are playing awesome vintage rock today!!! Heres Edgar Winter now!
Thanks for the help!