Need Help Trotec Acrylic experts I need your help

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So I have been experimenting with cutting quarter inch cast and extruded acrylic.

I have been using power at 100 speed at .35 and freq at 10000. Cuts smoothly but flames up a lot. I leave the protective backing on the bottom side to prevent it from scorching and Inhave the air assistance at 400.

Speedy 600. Please keep in mind I have zero training just tinkering. All maintenance done and all lenses and mirrors are clean. My question is are the flame ups expected all the time? Thanks for helping a laser noob.
Keep experimenting. The laser vapourises cast acrylic. Extruded, I do not bother with except for non-laser use, where I need a floppier product.
Too much heat is asking for trouble. Too much power is the same.
You need just enough to go through with not much extra. The air assist will help put the fires out, but they still can happen - be prepared and never leave it unattended.
However we have problems with flaming under 20-30mm stuff, not 1/4".
Although the speedy is speedy, cutting is not a speedy process, but is dependent on the substrate and its thickness.
Your speed is in my opinion way to slow and your power way too high. However we don't have a Trotec, but a ULS and 3 quality Chinese systems. Even on the ULS at 40w,I can cut 10mm cast acrylic at 1mm/sec, at 100% power. It is slow and we use the bigger machines for 10mm and above, but 1/4" stuff I'd probably suggest trying a speed of 12mm/s and modify the power till it works. Keep experimenting. It might work at 20mm/s.