trouble cascade CJV30 - final step, damper replaced but no printing


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Got a cascade of troubles that happened; my overview

I replace DX5 head about 2 months ago, i kept the dampers that were already in the machine, replace captop + pump (lines were broken) with a generic one.

Printed fine. I had some sparetime, though replacing the dampers would be a nice intervention. Replace the dampers by unhooking the attached one from the clamp, unplugged it from the head and hooked up a new one to the clamp and plugged it back in the head.

I did a fillup via the menu but nothing seemed to happen. Did a discharge&wash and the tubes did went clean but still not like i hoped.

I began to suspect that my pump was having issues, so opened the machine, and noticed washing fluid dripping out of the bottom of the new (generic) pump.

Opened the pump and noticed the two tubes were already broken. Remove the pump, serviced it with new tubes and installed it again.

After discharge & wash i restarted the filling procedure by the printer, but it "kinda" worked , Problem is, there was alot of air bubles in the inktlinks. I removed the dampers, opened the valves and pulled out the air , lines are airless now. And nothing much was discharged the first time.

Restarted a fill ink, but it just won't start..

As final parking solution i now filled my head with cleaning solution just to avoid my head goes bad, when cleaning it nozzles are all ok.

I assume i did something wrong with replacing the dampers, are the dampers ready for the bin and should i order new ones? Or is there a way to reuse the new dampers .. help is appreciated since my machine is down now:(


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As a rule of thumb whenever I replace a printhead I replace Pump, cap, and dampers. if everything is done properly one ink fill under HD maintenance usually does the trick..

Be care full putting fluid through the head.


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I am carrefull when putting the cleaning solution thru the head, thanks for the advice, i ordered a new set of dampers , and will retry to fill it up, i think the issue was created when i started doing fillups on new dampers with a broken pump ..
Repairing these pumps is not the best approach. This pump style has always been considered a replacement part. Do yourself a favor and replace it also, but with a Mimaki OEM pump. In the case of this pump style, you get what you pay for, and generic pumps are known to fail prematurely.


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ok replaced the captop just to be sure & put in the new original pump.

did a discharg& wash .. pipes look clean now, did the initial fillup .. all damper seem to compress

tesstprint was like 6 out of a 8 boxes were fine. dida nozzle wash for 60 mins, then only 1 box (black) was shown during test print ..

i used cleaning solution (which seems no need since the discharge&wash went fine) and checked all the nozzles, all come out clean.

reattached the head, refilled just to be sure .. same problem, any idea what is going on ?