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Trying to find...

:help: Hi all! Yep, I'm new here too, and looking for lots of help! I need to find the niche market of "real estate sign post installers". I am searching nationwide, am up against a deadline, and will welcome all replies, leads, yada yada. C'mon guys.....lend a girl a hand!:peace!:


New Member
Hiya Emily,
I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for. Are you looking for someone to install signs nationwide? Or are you looking for a tool that will make post hole installations easier?


SignMan Sez

New Member
I have a PhD, so I'm not a P.H.D. (Post Hole Digger)......(sorry). J/K

Never heard of a N.P.H.D.A. (National Post Hole Diggers Association)....but you might just call the local "Work Force" to get the job done for ya.

Best of success in your endeavors!