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Trying to identify a damaged font...


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I received a call from a prospective client about repairing some vinyl work that was performed by a guy who is no longer in business. I took some photo's of the vinyl. The customer indicated this vinyl is less than a year old. I can see the edges of the original font, so I browsed through my fonts to find a match. The closest I have found is Palace Script MT. But it does not match perfectly. Does anybody recognize the font as something else? I have also attached a photo of the good vinyl on another sign.

BTW, Is this possibly an Avery A8 installation, or just cheap vinyl?



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Looks like Commercial Script.

The deffective version might have been done in A-8 ... I had one job shrink over 1/8" of an inch in less than 1 year!


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that does not look like the Avery Shrink roblem. It looks like a calandered curly vinyl install..