Turning off the roll end sensor on a Valuejet


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Anyone know how to turn of the roll end sensor on a valuejet 1204??

I'm not finding it in the manual.

I need to pick up an extra inch or two at the end of a roll.


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put a little bit of vinyl over the sensor, dont leave in on in normal use as its there to save problems



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Silly question, where is the end roll sensor located on the valuejet 1204? I would like to put a piece of vinyl over it to get all of my media out. Thanks in advance!



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The sensor is located under a cutout on the rear platen about 6 inches from the right, facing the machine, directly behind the pinch rollers.

Go behind the machine and shine a flashlight across the back platen near the pinch rollers and you should see the cutout in the rear platen.

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Its hidden LOL!!! its a tight fit to get your hand in there. Get your wife (if she has little hands) or your kid to put the tape over it. My hands are to big to get in that area.