Type 1 and True Type Converted to Open Type


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What are the benefits, if any, of using a program such as TransType Pro
to convert fonts to OT format?
Smaller file size possibly?


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Not to be pesky, but don't most sign guys use truetype? BTW, to the letter of the law, it is usually against EULAs to convert fonts from format to format, crazy, no? I also know that many fonts that are not big sellers get made into OTF, and they have no extra glyphs, crazier still they make you pay a premium for that. I have old albums that I would not not get CDs of, and now that you have file sharing, its illegal for me to download and not pay for the same albums, even though I paid for the record. Same thing with fonts, don't go out and pay unless the upgrade is more than just file format, it must be compelling.