Typograph vs. Extensis Suitcase- Fred?


I do not have either of these- it looks like there is some overlap? It seems
that I have heard you say that you keep your fonts on a server- is this to
sync the fonts on several 'puters / programs? I have been using Font Reserve
on each computer and it is getting to be too much for an old ****:Sleeping: .
I use win98se and XPpro OS on 6 computers BTW.

I also am looking for a program to convert T1 fonts to TTF (long story-
trying to get Flexi 5.x to work on XP- it won't see my T1 fonts)- are you
familiar with one?

I am driving from Ft Myer to Key West again in a couple of weeks- might
come back on your coast- I would love to see your shop if it works for both
of us. Gene


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A good font converter to use is crossfont http://www.asy.com/scrcf.htm
There is also FontLabs TransType pro. http://www.fontlab.com/FontConverters/TransType/

But you shouldn't convert them to TTF you should convert them to OTF (ps flavor)

Postscript fonts use the Bézier curve, which is clean, all the info is based on the type of node and all the math and angles are stored in the node.

Truetype fonts work with B-spline, which takes more info. It has to store the info of each node and (separately) the math of the lines between the nodes.

Opentype can be ether, truetype or postscript. There called flavors.
Truetype flavor will have the extension TTF with the opentype icon
and the PS flavor will have the extension OTF with the opentype icon.


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I've used crossfont for a few years and would highly recommend it for conversions. I do a lot of prepress work and it has been invaluable.

Fred Weiss

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I would suggest that you download the 30 day trial version of typograf and give it a spin. The only limitation on it is that it lacks some printing featues and does not include the help files. I would suggest you also see what sort of trial Extensis offers for Suitcase.

I use Typograf primarily for handy and quick typeface comparison and could care less about font management. I just load what I need and delete when I'm done. My font files are kept on a network drive at this point doing the same job as the old retired file server. It is simply an archival storage that all workstations can pull from.

I have no particular recommendation on a font converter. Because I have a Mac and a licensed copy of Fontographer for it, I do all my font conversions there. Just what I'm used to using.