Ugh, which line to follow!!!


Ok, so I have to just put some basic lettering on the back windows driver and passenger side of this truck tomorrow morning...and I have no clue what the heck I'm going to measure off of to get it straight. Should I give up and go to the almighty eyeball?


And if someone says "level with the ground" I'm going to slap you.


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I'm all for going with the moulding, or using a level, but;

If it's Tony Soprano's and there is going to be some "weight" in or on the back end, it will sag obviously......

I always warned guys with this type of vehicle that if they plan on towing a lot, or do indeed carry a lot of weight in the back, it's going to make the lettering look off kilter....

I did one once where we did a full length stripe, starting thin at the front, fairly thing through the doors, and then thickening up in the last/rear quarter panel.....we then reversed the name out of the stripe......

this helped trick the eye a bit, as even with the back end sagging, the long line took away from it a bit......


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Most of these will work........... :thumb:

truck line.jpg


Okay the bottom of the doors.............:smile:

John Butto

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That looks like it transports dead bodies from the morgue to the funeral home. If you are putting skull & crossbones on it line up the eye sockets with the molding.


It's just for our emergency management assistant director's truck. Shouldn't be towing much weight, he's just got his gear in there. So most people say the molding, and a couple say the doors. I was leaning towards molding because of how that bumper matches pretty close to that line. I think I'll just extend it out w/ a straight edge and measure up and hope it's right.

If all else fails...I'll use my parking lot lines.