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Ultimate work table


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I have long wanted to build what, for me, would be the ultimate work table. I have an associate in the fabrication business and there's not much that we can't put together.

To this end I'd like to solicit any ideas or synthesis of our basic conceptual design.

The table top can be any size and material but for me a 4x8 or 5x10 3/4 MDO white on the side facing up would do just fine. I tend to the 4x8.

What we want to end up with is a steel frame that will feature both a power height adjustment with, say, a range from 24" to 36" or maybe 40" as well as a power top angle adjustment that will rotate the top from a flat 0 degrees to 90 degrees straight up and down.

There would be a shelf under the entire table halfway between the lowest level and the floor.

The table frame wound be smaller than the top leaving about 6" of overhang all around.

Sufficiently sturdy to be able to stand anywhere on the top at any angle and/or height which it is able to assume.

The entire assembly, less the actual top, should be able to be knocked down and be able to ship regular unspecial UPS. You didn't think we were only planning on building one, did you?

Some sort of removable lip on one edge. Desireable when the top is angled, undesireable when the top is flat. The removeable lip notwithstanding, the table top itself would be higher than the frame supporting it. The top most likely will end up sitting a a frame of 1/2"x2" angle allowing the top to form its own edge.

Leveling pads or weapons grade locking casters.

110vac power.

A provison for lining up and locking together more than one of these so you could have a 4x16 or 4x24 or whatever size.


Power outlets?

Axle attachment on one or both ends for mask, magnetics, whatever?

I've never seen anything like what we're contemplating at anything resembling a price mere Earthlings can afford. If anyone else has, save me some time and effort and tell me where.

Fred Weiss

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I think you should think modular. Things like drawers could be in different sizes and sold as optional extras.

As a suggestion, think about building in a light table.

Shops that do a lot of wide format and banners will probably like the idea of a five foot width. In my shop, we have two 4 x 8 tables and one 5 x 20. About 90% of the work gets done at the 5 x 20.


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I would think that to keep the price affordable, that the power height/tilt adjustment is not necessary. Something akin to a Stanley Workmate would be what I would suggest. You could have manual crank handles for height and tilt adjustment. Since you would likely not need to make these changes in rapid fashion, the manual option would be sufficient in my mind. You could also take a look at some designs for drafting tables as many of them incorporate these similar features, just not as big as you're talking.

If you plan to offer an affordable shipping option, consider an aluminum weldment as opposed to steel.

My preferred work height is about 40" or maybe even 42", so it's good to see you considering these higher table heights.

Ensure the table-top thickness isn't too great to accomodate your average spring clamps and related paraphenalia.

Good design ideas so far!


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MSC modular tables

MSC has a couple of adjustable heigth tables that we use. they are modular as suggested by Fred. They are 4x4 which is a little small, are able to be infinite in length by purchasing addon table segments. I also have two 54x38 slate tables, these are heavy, hard, but brittle. They were the right price.

My original thought is that since we are sign companies and able to get heavy things like 3/4 mdo, DON'T include this in your package, since we can get this locally, anyways. Lets not charge silly shipping charges, ok maybe as an accessory, but not manditory.

The MSC tables have adjustable heigths in the legs, but are not powered, how many times (a day) do you really want to change the heigth of your table anyway?

I like the idea of a IKEA work table. WIth modular drawers (horizontal and/or vertical), cabinets, and shelves.

Nice idea


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We have two permenant production tables that we built custom. They are both about 7'x16'. with a shelf about 1.5 feet off the ground nearly all the way around. Each side has the same contents....

- A row of transfer tape in order of size from 1" through 18" (larger sizes in their own bin)

- Drawers with essentials like squeegee's, xacto's, etc, etc.

We also custom built tables for our laminator. A 5'x8' on thew feed side and then a 5'x12' on the finishing side. That way they have plenty of room to feed a 4x8 MDO through and get it out of the way to feed the next through. It's all mobile with locking wheels so it can be moved out of the way when we pull vehicles inside through the bay doors.


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Hey ScottyDoo,

Can you post some picts? I would love to see some of those tables, they sound terrific.