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Hi everyone, just thought I would post an update for anyone that cares. I did decide to start a home based sign business and I ended up buying a Master 24" plotter from Desay Canada, it was a great price and is a very solid built machine with great specs. It came with WinPcSign software which is also great, as well a training cd rom with many hours of software video tutorials on it. My first job was for a used car dealer that wanted 12 4'x4' coroplast signs with various used car dealer type things on them like "poor credit no problem" as well he wanted his company logo a black and white picture of a rabbit jumping on all of the signs. It was pretty easy to do as WinPCSign has auto b/w vectorizing so I basically scanned it in and the software did the rest. The 12 signs took me 1 full day to do. As well I have done a few other small signs for people, and graphics for cars etc. I think that I have caught the sign bug! I love making signs! It is so much fun, the creativity and freedom is great. I know that my biggest problems will be finding customers as I am a home based business. So far a just made up a flyer and have been going door to door to business's in the area looking for leads. I live in a large city so the potential is huge I think. Just will take some time! Any suggestions on marketing for a home based business?
Thanks everyone for your help. What a great industry to be in!



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and a 4'x 4' sign with intermediate vinyl and on corplast should sell for no less then $50 to $75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you put it on more expensive background material it will be as much more as the material cost. now this is where you learn to SELL YOUR LABOR and not give it away. make em pay for that plotter!!!!!


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$96 in New York.........

and I don't do quantity discount.
The labor and material is the same for one sign as is in 100 signs