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Upgraded to Corel 12... CoCut doesn't work. WinPlot???


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My old hard drive crashed, so instead of installing Corel 10 again, I've upgraded to Corel 12.

When I tried to install CoCut 9 I couldn't find it. After checking EuroSystems website, I found out that CoCut 9 will not work on Corel 12. I have to spend another $350 to upgrade CoCut, which I don't want to do right now.

I've downloaded WinPlot 6.0 from Summa (I have a D-60) but can't find any documentation on how it is supposed to work, or how to link it to Corel.

Anyone have any insight they can share??

Tons of thanks in advance!



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Some instructions on which CD? Corel 12 is installed and working fine, however I've only used the first of the four CDs. I downloaded WinPlot from Summa's website so I don't have a CD for it.

Can you clarify?


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take the 12 back, it aint much better for sign work the 10 is....waste of money....to upgrade sometimes...also DONT INSTALL SP 2 FOR XP....if you did uninstall it!!!


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Don't Install Service Pack 2 for XP...because of Corel 12 or for other specific reasons?

Thanks for heads up.



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in general....SP 2 has been know to screw up more stuff then it fixes....specially with programs like corel and cocut. i got XP sp1 and iam cutting from corel 10 direct to roland plotter and have no problems. if i would load SP2 it would mess with most of the programs that where wrote prior to SP2. DO NOT LOAD IT....M/S even says so!!!!!!!!


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I would go back to 10, but I can't find my CD's. I found 12 on eBay for $80 so I figured what the hell. (and yes I did get original legal copies)

Only afterwards did I find out that CoCut won't work with 12. Anyone know where I can get a copy of 10 anymore? I figure buying an older version will still be cheaper then upgrading CoCut.


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Upgrade to CoCut Professional 4X3 from CoCut

Upgrade to CoCut Professional 4X3 from CoCut Pro 6-10

ITs worth every penny to upgrade. Plus once you get up to above version 12 future upgrades are FREEE...

XP SP2 had absolutely no effect on cocut ..