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upgrading from 1.56 to 2.5


New Member
i'm getting (well it's here) a new workstation. with this, we also went ahead and got the upgrade of omega from 1.56 to 2.5. as well as ugrading all my other software at the same time.

the big question i have for you guys... do i need to install the 1.56 w/ the old serial lock on the new system, and THEN install the 2.5 upgrade?

or can i just install the new 2.5 w/ the new usb key directly on my new machine and send back the old key to gerber?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Don't take it as gospel but I would be 99% sure that you will need to install the 1.56 and then do the upgrade. The reason being is that part of the process involves transferring the old information from your LPT dongle to your new USB dongle and then disabling your old dongle.

Once your new dongle is updated you should be able to install the 2.5 directly onto any future new machine without repeating the procedure.

Tony Teveris

New Member
You do not have to have 1.56 install on the system BUT you must have your 1.56 key attached to the system. The install process will copy info from the 1.56 key to the new 2.5 key before installation of Omega 2.5.

As Fred pointed out if you have 1.56 installed with all your settings inplace the Omega 2.5 install should keep those settings.

Sorry if I responded too late.


New Member
not too late at all actually. i tried calling the people we got it from and left a message (our tech support is helping 'gold customers' and will be with you momentairly), and havent heard back yet.... hmmmmm...

anyways, thats good to know. thanks!