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USB SuperBooster


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Although I don't see why it wouldn't work it does say that it is Compliant with USB Specification 1.1

It does not mention USB 2.0 anywhere.

It may be a question better suited for Techman.


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in my experience.. if it doesn't say usb 2 then it ain't..

In any event. I dotn beleive teh timing will work over that length anyway. Three is two way handshaking going on. The signals cannot get there and back without colisions.


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What about a usb extension cable,all i need is about 5 feet will that have any effect on the data?


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I'm getting ready to make a "printer island." It's gonna run off an old P4, with a tad-bit of RAM/hard drive. Just be shared devices. I can hang a few things off of a $100 computer, and target them via the network, or I can mess with all sorts of weird printer-specific network stuff.

Also, can your plotter run on serial? You can run some LONG serial cables. And since slow port speed is usually pretty fast enough, you should be good.


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Hey Bogie,will the printer island have palm trees too LOL Yes i could go that way as well. I like the usb better.

John M

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Bogie -

Be sure your router is up to the traffic demands if you'll be doing large format printing over the network. The typical Linksys/DLink style SOHO router doesn't like sustained heavy loads; overheating is common. I've already spoken to a couple of shops from this board that were having trouble with this very issue.


As was stated before, that device is only USB 1.1. However, does your equipment require USB 2.0? You'd be surprised at how many peripherals don't use 2.0.

Also note that this doesn't let you run your printer over the network. It just lets you use Cat5 cable to extend the wiring. It's still convienent, not overly-espensive, and if your stuff works without USB 2.0 it may be the ticket.

Re. wired USB extensions -

See if you can test the extension before buying. Some devices (luckily, most printers and plotters) work fine on an extension. Others, especially hard drive adapters, won't work on an extension.