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Using an image as a fill for text.

Jamie Christy

New Member
Is it possible in Omega?

I need to fill text with an image...then an outline....then a shadow.

In my Inspire you just position text (or curves) over image and create mask..........voila!


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member

You use a combination of combining same colors so the center is a hole and then select or create cutpaths to finish the piece. You must use the same vinyl throughout with foil fills. All fills would be set to overprint.

Now place the vectors on top of your image, size and position it and it should preview and print/cut correctly.
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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Pictures demonstrate better.


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Jamie Christy

New Member
so if my next layer or out line is say ...red
then if i make the text red it will put the picture inside the text...got it

what if i want the whole pic to remain as a background?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
You would add the color change and probably set a choke and spread if you're using more than one spot color. Depending on the colors used, you may also choose to just set CMYK colors instead of spot colors .... especially if you have a CMYK image already being run. This nearly always eliminates the need for chokes and spreads. If you want to reduce or eliminate any graininess in these fills, select a halftone type of Classical Dot and bump the LPI setting up into the 70 to 90 range.

To run it with the entire image behind it showing, you set the text to overprint and turn all cuts off. then set a rectangle or whatever shape you want to use to cut out the image.

Learning the different ways to achieve any given effect is different with Omega and in general when you are working with spot colors. Your tools are:

Cuts On or Off
Spot or CMYK
Overprint or Not (Not knocksout all print beneath it)
Clear Fills
Printing on films other than white .... with or without primers.

Hope this helps.

Jamie Christy

New Member
it wont work for me

I have a "D" in atomic red....then outlined with atomic red...applied cut line to outline

now i just got two atomic red pieces.....its not "knocking out" the inner piece

Jamie Christy

New Member
i can see through it now but my image is still a big square behind my shape.....i have the outline set for cuts is that correct?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member


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