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I have a US TECH Master Worf Master tech Master whatever they call it this week Laminator. Looks like all of the US support has disappeared from the net. I have started laminating 60" material with it, first using the Fellers Lamex and secondly 3M 8508. Im not sure I have everything set up right. It is silvering somewhat. Some of it goes away, but it is more than I am comfortable with. Anyone have this specific laminator? Any tips. I had previously used it with 30 inch material and it never silvered (Oracal 210), but tracking wasn't greatest. Now, I'm tracking near perfect but silvering with the 60. Any help is appreciated. If I had money I'd go buy a better laminator, but not there just yet. My old Daige will do 54.well, but need to do 60 and it is only a 55 inch.


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We have a similar US TECH 55 inch laminator. It would laminate just fine up to about 36 inches (until we tried to fix it - ug), but anything wider was a mess (not just silvering). I suspect it's a common problem with these, as others have had similar issues. Would like to know how to fix it, but will probably just scrap the machine.

Anyway, we made do for awhile, but just bought a Chinese DMAIS machine. Price was less than the US TECH machine several years ago.

So far it's great, though it didn't come with an instruction manual. Easy enough to figure out.

By the way, we also have an old 38" Daige. A little clunky, but it still does the job after nearly 20 years!


Our first laminator was an AK-600, for the money I thought it was about the best "starter" laminator you could get. We would regularly run 54" rolls through it all day long - I believe it has a lot to do with getting the setup just right.

1. Load your laminate, leave the roller raised to the highest position - pull it through under the roller and stick it to the back edge (output side) making sure the laminate was smooth an taught across the top roller with no wrinkles.
2. Slide a piece of scrap or brown craft paper between the rollers till it just covers the rollers and tape it down.
3. Start turning the knobs and dropping the top roller until it's about 1/4" above touching the bottom roller.
4. Alternate back and forth from left knob to right knob, lowering about a 1/2 turn at a time until the knobs go slack - thats it!

The weight of the roller is all you need to laminate. The problems I always had was due to the roller not sitting level and would cause too much pressure to one side or the other and would cause it to skew. Unfortunately with the 2 knob system, it's kind of a PITA to do this every time, but it always worked for us.

Best of luck to you - and most silvering will go away after a day or two.


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Thanks, I think I have that part down. How do you adjust the tension on the knobs that are sideways on the laminate and take-up rolls? The white ones with springs under them. Im thinking the silvering is because i don't have those set right maybe?? Any ideas?

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