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Utility Locate Tickets NOT getting answered


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Anyone have trouble getting utilities to locate their lines? I put tickets in and after 3 or 4 days only 1 or two respond and the other 4 or 5 do not. (And I know their lines are running.)

I got beside a cable line today that was running just inside the property line that was NOT marked. I had entered a ticket in TWICE for this location a week ago and 3 days ago...:mad:


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Rarely do we ever have all our marks come in by the date they are supposed to lol. They are required by law to do so but it seems like some of them won't do it until you call them and bitch about the marks not being done. I'm able to view the current status of all the utilities being marked for a job online so we started calling people if they haven't updated their status with a 'no conflict' or 'marked completely'. Usually the day before they are due. That way they can tell you they will be there on time or maybe light a fire to get it done. No way we could ever show up to a job expecting to dig without checking marks ahead of time.