Vacuum table

Has anyone here made their own vacuum hold down table for their router??

Of course I am planning on making it using the router, but I didn't know if anyone would have any suggestions, or plans for one that they have made, that they would be willing to share. The dealer we got our router through was supposed to send us a .tap file all ready to drop in the router and go, but for some reason hasn't gotten around to it yet.

So far we have just been clamping the wood/aluminum/alumacore to the table, but with doing the HDU signs and building a dust collector to go around the router the clamps are going to have to go bye bye. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Dennis Raap

New Member
Matthew, I think that Erinie from Balch Signs may have built one. Do a search he may have posted some information here.
Thanks for the link, Ernie and I both have the same router too. I sent an email but I don't know if it went through, I'll see if he responds and I might send him another just in case.