Valuejet 1614 Onyx print modes and resolutions


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What is the difference in print resolutions between a given resolution and that same resolution with an MD after it? For instance; 720 or 720 MD?

Also, what is the difference between the ink configurations of CMYK,
CMYK Enhanced, and CMYK Mxm VarDot?

As usual, the Onyx documentation doesn't say anything one way or the other.


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MD is 'Multi Dot', Onyx's term for Variable Dot.

The differences in ink configurations, my understanding, is these are different curves for the various dot size distribution.
So this is the transition curves between small dots, medium and large.

I believe we use primarily Mxm here.


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So in Flexi Production manager, I have a profile for POP-UP and a profile marked Fellers POP-UP. The only difference I see in the profile is that the Fellers profile uses color mode CMYK (variable dot), and in the other just POP-UP profile the color mode is CMYK. What is the difference in quality, speed, etc. Oh, and the waveform for the Feller's POP-UP is set to Fine&Wave 2 while the just POP-UP is set at default.


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Sorry, bendeane,

Not near enough information.

It is possible, that CMYK is fixed dot, which means it would only use one droplet size instead of 3.

You will get higher quality out of variable dot, but it is possible that the profile is already variable and they only NAMED it just CMYK.

Default runs the wave that is selected on the front panel of the printer.

Fine and Wave2 is about 7% slower.

I print almost exclusively in G2 mode, 720x720 8 pass with Fine and Wave2.
This is 'show' quality.

Anything slower, I would only use on Photo Paper, or specialty applications like Backlit.

Banners you typically can go full speed with B4