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Yep..It's me again...the know-nuthin' kid...I have AI and the Cutting Master Plug-In that came with the Graphtec...but it only outputs text, basically only outputs something you can convert to outlines...but what if it's not text, what then...Do I vertorize it, and how the heck do I do that....and yes I read the manuals...I just you guys are easier to understand.
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Fred Weiss

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If you have Adobe Illustrator you have a group of drawing tools with which you can create vectors of anything you want. One of the finest applications for the purpose in the world.

There is a pen tool for Bezier drawing, a pencil tool, geometric shapes tool, and a Pathfinder group which can be used for joining or taking away shapes. There is also an autotrace tool.

There should be a tutorial section on the CD which will help you learn the way to use these tools, or you can just start in with them and see how they work. Also the help files are very useful for the technical details on each tool.

scott pagan

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i'd also look into the Adobe "Classroom in a book" series. the tutorials are very well worth the time investment to better understand the capabilities of your software.

Bill Modzel

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There's another way if you have PhotoShop also.
If you can make a selection of the object that you want vectorized go to the paths tab of the layers pallet. Select "make work path".
Under the file menu there is an export paths to Illustrator which will take that path and make a seperate file of it. Open it in Illustrator and you will see nothing except crop marks. Just do a "command a" which is select all and give it a color. You "path" will probably need some cleanup but it's a start.
You will notice that any objects that have inner parts like an "O" will be solidly filled. You have to select both parts and compound them. Command 8 will do that.
That's control for you pc wienees. :)