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Vehicle Templates


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What are most people using. Pro Veh. Outlines or Car & Truck Collection 2006. Want to buy one today but don't know which is best. Why is the price so diffrent, $100.00/$600.00 any help please. Also noticed that Pro has some commercial vehicles, or is there a software of just coomercial. Thanks


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i use a digital camera,take a picture of the car,design on the picture,no need for all them auto templates!!!!!
What are you looking for in a template package? If you are looking for commercial vehicles, Pro is the way to go, hands down. They have the most commercial templates of them all.

We have used them for 7 years now. They have proved so useful it is not even funny. We just did a Mack off-site, and the fit was perfect. No cameras, no rulers - design, cut, go! Pro will pay for itself very quickly if you are doing any fleet or commercial work.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Pro-Motion Graphix said:
i use a digital camera,take a picture of the car,design on the picture,no need for all them auto templates!!!!!

I have Pro... and never thought I'd convert to the dig. pic method. I mean, all those line drawings right there ready to go... why go snap a photo? I actually think the customers respond better to the pic of their own vehicle - which would only be a reasonable outcome to have. I made my own magnetic scale ruler to place on the vehicle. Fred has a thorough step-by-step for this on the site somewhere.

Fred Weiss

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Here's a link to the thread on how to use a digital pic.

The benefits of using your own pics are:

  • That you are aware of everything that is on the vehicle including decals, manufacturer's changes since making the template, etc.
  • There are no inaccuracies or chances for picking the wrong template
  • Customer acceptance is very high
  • No investment in a templae collection
The disadvantages are:

  • You have to have access to the vehicle for picture taking
  • You have to own a digital camera
  • The time it takes to take the pics and scale them up is probably five or ten minutes more than locating and opening the correct template

Mike Paul

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Using a full color photo of the customers truck is a great sales tool but it's also nice to have the outlines on hand when needed. I prefer the digital camera myself but for $99. I'd go w/ the Car & Truck Collection 2006. Pro Vehicle outlines is $600 to start then apx. $250 per year for updates.


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Does Pro Vehicle outlines have the Chrysler Pacifica in it?
How about the Nissan Quest or the Plymouth Voyager or the Ford built MAzda MPV. ARe they in it?
What other vehicles are missing?
Our latest version is more than a couple of years old. There was no need as the majority of what we used has not changed. As for the Pacifica or MPV, we could not say. What we can say is that if something was not there and was needed, PVO would have no issues with providing them.

The Car n Truck collection is geared more towards cars and such, where the PVO is all about true commercial vehicles.

There are some drastic changes for '07 models, therefore we will be upgrading.


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I'm still using the car n truck 2004 version...I also use a digital camera. Customers awe when they can see their own vehicle with the finished product ....


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I'd have to say that using a digital camera is the way to go. A little bit of planning goes a long way when you are doing vehicle graphics even for the full wraps. I'd say the only time you'd really need an outline is if you do not have access to the vehicle. Even that is questionable unless you are doing a wrap or partial wrap. Small to medium lettering jobs can be done easily just by getting measurements of the space.


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A thought .....Some of the drawings in the outline disk give you dim. from wheel base to wheel base, others are from bumper to bumper. I didn't catch this once and it threw my scale way off. The lettering ended up being way too small....
We have never been in that situation BUT 99% of our vehicles are commercial and the package from DAL has never been wrong. There is no doubt that it costs more, but it does pay for itself in a very short time.