Question Veraworks with Vinylmaster


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Hello eveyone
I have just recently purchased an Rolland xc-540. Currently I've been using Vinylmaster pro to cut vinyl with my graphtec plotter. I have to upgrade my version of vinylmaster to either xpt or dsr. Now is it worth the extra couple hundred dollar difference between the dsr and xpt to get and all in one rip program/driver with vinylmaster xpt or is it better to to just upgrade to vinylmaster dsr and use the versaworks 5.5.1 that came with the printer.


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I don't know anything about Vinyl Master but prefer an all in one solution. We're running Flexi Pro again and I couldn't be happier.


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I agree FlexiSIGN Pro is good choice for all in one solution. Another is also good is SignLab, it has Versawork option as I remember.

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Versaworks works great with the XC540. All my setup and design work I do in the Adobe Suite and printing from the program is very straight forward.