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Versa Camm VS Encad ?


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This may sound like a dumb question, but here goes.
What are the major differences ( beside cut feature and price ) is there
between Encad 750 and Roland versa Camm 300 ?
Will Encad print on as many materials as Roland and can another
cutter be used to contour cut the Encad prints ?

Price wise Encad is less than half that of Roland. Thought maybe this would
be a cheaper way to learn and get into the sign print business as a newbie.

Thanks everyone for your help.



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Vesa camm is an Eco solevnt printer while the Encad is a water based ink printer..

VesaCamm is good for outdoor prints
Encad in meant for indoor prints

VesaCamm will print on vinyl and some papers, plus others
Encad will print on mostly papers, polyester, bond plus others

you need to ask yourself what kinda of printer your looking for
Indoor or oudoor

those 2 printers are really on 2 different ends of the playing field


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Encad 750's are fantatic printers, but not anything like a VersaCamm. They are two different beasts.

The 750 is used mainly for indoor prints (posters, banners, duratrans, etc) and SOME temporary outdoor applications.

The VersaCamm is made primarlity for the sign industry. So it is better suited for outdoor projects. It also includes a cut feature. The Encad doesn't, it's strictly a printer.

AllSquare Jason

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I have found that older Sign A Rama locations are updating from the Encad over to the Roland -

Cost of uncoated materials will make up the difference in price over time. Not to mention outdoor durable prints that will not fade in 6 months.

I am located in Greenville, SC if you would like to see the Roland in action.

Pro Image

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Taursndixie........If you want to get in to wide formant digital printing at a low cost to start with and test your market the encad will do.......I have done the same thing with a encad 850 but I know the limitations of the printer......I have learned the most important process in printing is color correction. Ive been throug all the setups and misscues with the 850 so when we get our JV3 next year I will have a good grasp of the printing(maybe lol)...........


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I used encads a lot. Outdoor printing is fine when you use the outdoor ink and vinyl. I did/do a load of short term signs and lamed them with liquid lam. Perfect for that. Banners are another good product for outside work. Anything less than 2 years is great. Indoor printing is just as fine. In fact I do sheets for bizz bathrooms and outer walls. nice enuf. here is a market for it. You just gotta find it.