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Versacam 300V

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Where is the best price that I can get a Versacam 300V? I only do small stuff so I don't need the 540. What ink cartridges are needed to do outdoor decals, Finally what do you think my total running cost will be. Thanks for the help

Mike Paul

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Post your location and maybe someone will recommend a dealer.
Max inks are the only ones you will want to use unless do a full conversion.
Not recommended.


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I have the SP300V. I've had it for almost a year. I love it. I think I paid $12,995 and I got mine for JSI Signs. They are an awsome company to deal with and for support. They are located in Georgia. My machine has the Eco-Sol Max Inks. Hope this helps!


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In my area ( BC) I'm seeing a few distributors are offering the sp300 as used (trade-ins). I own an sp300(notV) and I really like it. However, if I had the funds available at the time , I should have bought the 540.
You may say that you are only going to do "small stuff" now. But when people start asking for 4 x8 signs and bigger , you'll want a bigger machine. I mean it's oK , I make 4x8's and larger by tiling the panels. Would sure be nice to that in one pass though. Try to find a "gently used machine". There is a diagnostic within the machine that will tell you how much ink has actually passed thru the heads. A Roland tech can help you with that. It will show you how much use the machine actually has and an indication of how much longer before heads etc need to be replaced.
I'm still over-laminating by hand or just using Frog Juice in a spray can.
Hope this helps...Ken


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I may have an SP300 available for sale in a few weeks (buying bigger machine.) My shop is in Eastern PA. Give me a shout if interested. 610-909-6348.


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I agree with Ken, I bought the 300V because I though I would mostly do small stuff (vehicle doors etc.) and regret not buying the larger machine everyday. I started printing lots of banners (it's just so easy) and get many requests for banners wider than 30". 4X8 signs are popular too and would be so much easier to do in 1 piece. Just something to strongly consider before you buy. If you can afford the larger one, I would get it.


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Although you may only need the 30" now, in no time you will wish you were able to print a full-bleed 4x8. I listened to others in the same predicament and opted for the 54" model right out of the gate and have NO regrets on that part. I do, however, sometimes wish I would have considered the JV3 as they seem to be a more robust machine. Still, I've made plenty with my 540V and would never consider a smaller machine now. No matter what anyone says, you need to laminate your prints...whether by hand or with a proper laminator. True, the inks are "rated" for 2-3 years, but they are NOT rated for abrasion or chemicals...unless you can say with absolute certainty that your prints will not be subjected to either of those (yeah, right). I don't laminate every print (or any banner for that matter), but the majority get it to ensure longevity. I've had my machine for going on 17 months now and have used 3rd-party inks from the beginning as well (Triangle MLD). They are a bit better than the Roland MAX inks and are vastly better than the original Roland inks that were the only ones available when I got my machine, plus the bulk ink system is about 60% cheaper than OEM inks.


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If you have a choice, go with the 54". I thought I would only do 30" stuff originally, but boy was I wrong. Once customers realize what you can do they will want bigger, and bigger signs.