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VersaCamm 540V Cutting...


New Member
Having problems contour cutting sometimes. The blade seems to catch a vinyl on a tight corner. Is this a fixed or swivle blade? I printed on Coburn engine turned gold then cut, it was great. then i tried printable sign gold and it tore the corners, any ideas??


New Member
It is a swivel blade, but mine doesn't turn as freely as the one in my Summa D60. I've messed with it with some lubricant, but it didn't seem to improve much. So, I have similar issues with mine as well, albeit the issue is really only on some more intricate cuts, which isn't all that common on print & cut.


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We have the same problem from time to time. It seems to be where there is quite a build up of ink in an area that has softened the vinyl [usually inside corners and the likes] and when it goes back to cut, it’s still soft and can’t make some of the sharp turns without pulling the vinyl with it instead of snapping through it. We’ve basically slowed the cutting speed down on certain materials and sometimes even wait to go back and cut it later.

Although they’re solvent receptive…. those gold products [and some others] become a different animal once you’ve added ink to the equation.