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VersaCamm stripes


New Member
Anyone know why I'm getting these strange lines in my test print?

I've cleaned per the DIY instructions here and checked for lint, wiper blade cupping etc. and everything seems to be fine.

Just wondering...


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Your bi-directional adjustment is most likely out of alignment. Adjust bi-directional and then re-print the media feed calibration and it will most likely look correct.

If that is not the problem make sure all of your nozzles are firing by using the test print button on the front panel.


New Member
I adjusted all the Bi-Directional settings and made sure all the nozzles are firing. Everything's set perfectly but the test print still has the same lines.

The prints coming out look great with no banding so I won't worry about it for now I guess.

I'll ask my tech about it then next time I see him.

Thanks for the help Barry.


New Member
Just found out from a tech that one of my nozzles is not firing. That's why I get a stripe on the test print. Since hundreds of nozzles fire while printing it's not noticable on any prints.

He said it may start firing agian after some use but it's nothing to worry about.

Just thought I'd update everyone in case you ever get the same result from a test print.