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VersaWorks 2.2 Anyone Downloaded Yet


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Hi All... has anyone tried the new VersaWorks yet... The new color management looks interesting... I haven't downloaded the upgrade because I'm too busy at the moment to be a Rip Software Crash Test Dummy.



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We've been using 2.2

We're not up with 2.2.1 yet.

No problems as of yet...... I think


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Just updated our systems and so far, all is good. No crashes or problems to note. Co-worker messed around with it today and seemed to like it. One potential problem he found was that Roland added another control button option on the left panel that pushes the OK buttons at the bottom right almost out of site... Had to increase screen resolution to 1152x864 to see it.. Was using 1024x768.

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I did it today. Its great. The Color matching system is really cool. They have provided several color charts and color chip sets that can be printed out. They also a include a Illustrator swatch file. Look in the versaworks folder in program files. Its great because you can assign colors to your design work in illustrator and it prints dead on accurate. Tried it today...perfect. Best of all the swatches are RGB instead of CMYK. This means smaller file size and you can use the full color gamut of your printer. Prior to this to match the colors on the Roland charts or Pantone, you would have to design in CMYK

I would definitely upgrade, but e finishing outputting whats in the queue....just to be safe


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Im skeered to update.. last update i did.. was months and months ago.. and i eneded up killing a brand new computer.. lol.. sad but true.... i will check it out tho.. and try to get brave...

I actually have no problems matching colors with my versacamm now.. .. so i dono