Versaworks 4.0

I downloaded it yesterday and haven't had any problems. It didn't look to me like much was changed with it. I printed a few jobs and no issues here!


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No problems so far. Any link to a list of updates for 4.0? Can't find anything thats changed as of yet. Running it on Vista64 without any problems.


The 4.0 is geared more for the MT and LEC users, the versacamm and Pro users shouldn't see alot of changes.

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got a download link?

Versaworks should prompt you on launch. If it doesn't go to your preferences, under Roland@NET.

Yeah, I messed with it a bit yesterday and didn't notice anything real new and exciting. Might have to dig a little deeper one of these days, though


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Anyone upgraded to VersaWorks 4.0?

Advertised to have many new features:

Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface
New! Built with the latest Adobe PostScript (CPSI 3019) engine
Supports AdvancedJET, Hi-Fi Express, SOLJET, VersaArt, VersaCAMM and VersaUV inkjets and GX series cutters
New! Features error diffusion for outstanding print quality
New! Advanced Job Log feature allows importing of job data into Excel supported file formats
Manages up to four Roland devices
Simultaneous RIP and print capability
Support for precision contour cutting

New! Roland Color System for spot color matching
  • More than 1,000 spot colors are featured in the Roland Color Library
  • 512 metallic colors are included in the Roland Metallic Color Library (VS-640 or XC-540MT)
New! Roland Texture Library (LEC series)
Variable Data Printing
Max Impact Preset for richer color contrast
Advanced layout features including scaling, tiling and nesting
PerfCut feature for perforated cut lines
Single and dual pass mode for white ink applications (XC-540, VS-640 and LEC series)
Embedded ICC profile support
Automated updates through Roland@NET
Network support
Support for TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF files
The updated adobe RIP should make ripping a bit more reliable but thats all iv noticed

Downloaded via Roland@NET

Not sure why the page linked at the top of this pages says DVD release

Anyone tried the error diffusion halftone?


The ability to export the Job Log as CSV and XML for printing is a great add-on. They should have offered a print command for this a long time ago.


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Does anyone know if that PerfCut feature is printer specific?

It works on print and cut machines from the newer SP machines. It doesn't work on the first SP machines that didn't work with versaworks. That's my understanding.

I think the newer ones were the sp540v and sp300v.