VersaWorks Problem

After setting up a file in Job Settings -> Click OK.
Program freezes.

I have un installed and re-installed 3 or 4 times.
Works OK for a little while then starts acting up again.
All updates have been downloaded and installed.

Any ideas?



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Depending on the vintage of your Roland you should shut off the auto update. We have an SP540V and had the same issues with VW. Wife got it to work, but we were told by our tech that the updates are not for our printer. They are "blanket" updates covering the whole spectrum of Roland products and can cause issues.
I only used the update after reinstalling.
Frustrating to say the least.

Seems to happen the most when I'm in a rush.

It's kinda like breaking a shoe lace when your in a hurry to
go somewhere.


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It's a shot in the dark, but have you got the latest firmware update for the printer? Wondering if there might some sort of disconnect there.


Welcome to the party. Be sure and have them send the report to the cyber space police.



Very Frustrating

Glad to know that I'm not the only one with this issue!
I didn't know if maybe I needed a better computer or what!
Are there any other options/Rip programs that would work with my Roland XC540? Just curious!


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What version of VW are you running?
What OS is VW running on?

If your system is low on virtual memory, you will have this problem.
Also if there is a stack of completed jobs in the print queue that will cause the program to freeze up like crazy.

To many background programs, can use needed memory which kills VW. Need to be running a minimum of 4 Gigs of RAM. I know the minimum required amount is only 2, but raw files are small, but once they rip and print, they grow in size, and use needed memory if there is too many in the queue.

Notice: There is a pattern to my post.


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had our versaworks on just a old windows xp 1 gig of ram nothing special pc had freezing issues and funny like you said its always when your in a rush lol exactly how I felt. I then upgraded our design pcs and moved one of them as a ripping station the machine had 6 gigs of ram and a decent processor obviously the computer specs made the pc run better but that solved our freezing issues..Its unfortunate that doing it that way cost money probably when it shouldnt be like that but just letting you know that improving our pc for ripping helped.


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Used to happen to me all the time. Since my computer upgrade, it has only happened once. I still don't know what causes it, it just happens, no matter how fast or loaded your computer is. Just in case, go into your anti virus software and make sure you put versaworks.exe on the excluded list. Why waste resources scanning RIP files/processes which can be up to 2gb big?


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I too am running an XC-540 with VW on XP and have issues with VW locking up. I do keep jobs in my queue. I'll have to see if that solves the problem. Sometimes I'll go a week with no issues and lots of jobs in the queue. Many times it will lock up when I have very few in the queue.


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Happened to me with my VP540, just a particular update would not allow jobs to RIP. I ran an older version for a couple of months with no problem, tried the occasional update until the problem went away. This was on two system 7 machines, a Vista and an XP.

Most of the updates give the older machines no benefit. They are for the newer machines.