VersCAMM PNC5000

Hi everyone I have just joined as I have managed to get a Roland pnc5000 and I am in need of finding a person or company who can still service and program.. I need some help I have spoken with Roland who have been fantastic but they dont deal with them anymore as they are superseeded with newer models... CAN ANYONE HELP


The PNC5000 is a machine from the mid-90s, it will be hard to find any consumables or spare parts. I would not invest any time or money.


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i had one of those when new and still have a pc60 but as frank says not worth your time really,, as a cutter only its slow by today's standards but adequate for small jobs.
the print drivers will only work on a xp system but to drive as a cutter only most cutting program's will have drivers for older Rolands but probably don't list that particular one.seam to remember a pnc960 worked.
the head system was a Alps printer head and some wax ribbons still about.
in its day apart from a edge system was the cheaper alliterative to outdoor colour work but only with the resin ribbons which were more troublesome..

Attila Nagy

I do not like waste technology neither but... This printer newer made profit for any of my clients. I used to repair them. If the printhead and tray can be cleaned to print without lines, you could have a nice hobby printer. I use FlexiSign to run the machine on Windows10. Let me know ,what exactly do you need.