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VG2 (640) Printhead Issues - Fuzzy print


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Probably a printhead replacement needed, but I thought I would throw a post up in case someone has experience with this. Cyan has been getting bandy, but out of the blue black is shitting the bed hard.

1. See attached photos (IMG_6520 shows the problem)
2. Note all test prints are acceptable, including "Fill" print from service mode, with no evidence of blur/overspray/feathering
3. Normal print, any significant black print will go blurry and have an overspray effect. All other colors are perfect, minus slight cyan banding.
4. Any limited use of black and the print is perfect (See IMG_6522, the fuzzy/banded dots were printed first, 52' across, while the single clear dot was printed last during the same print job)
5. No difference raster vs vector
6. Encoder strip cleaned, no change
7. Encoder strip flipped, no change
8. Encoder wheel cleaned, no change
9. Encoder wheel centered, no change
10. All methods of cleaning performed, no change
11. Used two versions of Vesaworks from two computers as well as Flexi PM current version.

I'm not a printhead replacement denier, just looking for experience, and to document my resolution once solved. Thank you for taking a look!


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Your black head on the test print is showing deflected nozzles, that is what is causing the fuzziness around the edge. Time for a new head if the cleaning hasn't made it any better.
It's not down to the encoder or any of the other settings, so they won't make a difference


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One thing to check though is manually clean the head all around and check underneath for anything sticking to it like a stray hair which can cause problems


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Got a printhead on its way. Appreciate the feedback.
I have done a workaround to get me by while I wait, namely making a custom spot color under VersaWorks/Edit/Spot Color Settings/ New Library, New Spot Color. I called it No Black Black and then added the spot color to my swatches in my design software. It took some work, but if you setup your custom spot color to 55, 55, 55, 40 it works pretty well, and produces a nice deep black without any shadowing or banding. I maxed out the K to 40 as any higher produced the shadows. In case you are wondering, using design side cmyk settings are ignored within the rip, but creating a custom spot color does force the printer to mix the channels you want.

I'll post results once the printhead is installed.


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It was the print head. I was lucky enough to have a friend who's a service tech slip me in today. We replaced the black/yellow head and everything is fine now.