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Vinyl a front door

Scott Alexander

New Member

Looking for a bit of advice. I've been asked to vinyl a door ( photo attached ). I do alot of vinyl but I have never been asked to do a door with windows and also it's not smooth. Do you think I'd be able to do it in one go? I was thinking of using bubble free vinyl, I just don't know if I would have to do the frame part separate? Any help would be appreciated .



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Go Bills!
any Wrap vinyl will do, sounds like you have never done a wrap before.

I'd be at $650 and I would hate it if I got it.


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1) Find a local shop with a flatbed.
2) Remove door and bring it to shop with flatbed and have them direct print.
3) Reinstall door and collect check.

No way I would even think about trying to do that with vinyl.