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Vinyl and laminate for security decals labels


I have a client who runs a carpet cleaning company and they asked me a few years ago to produce a label with their logo that is 2”x4” to put on all their equipment that would not be easy to remove. Knowing that some of their equipment is plastic, possibly low surface energy, I produced them with dpf8000 vinyl and put oraguard 210 on them since that lam was usually on the laminator already. Since then, we have done a few more batches but have switched to GF Concept 400 lam. I got an email yesterday saying that they are ready to order 200 more and they asked, “Do you have something that is a little more durable that will stick to the equipment a little better and not tear?” Aside from actual security decals that I had recommended the first time they ordered, any ideas? I considered using floor overlaminate or polycarb overlaminate but still not sure if there is a more adhesive vinyl for this application.


Rap Master
You're not going to get much of a stronger adhesive vinyl for a wide-format printer than DPF8000. There are some nice vinyl combos for printers like the Gerber Edge; I know Gerber makes some nice durable 15" super-adhesive vinyl and we also use LexEdge (polycarbonate) with 3M 467 adhesive applied in other cases where the customer wants something to REALLY stick.