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Vinyl Cutter 34" or 54" contour - what to buy?


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So I'm looking to buy a 34" or 54" US cutter SC cutter. I'm thinking for 99% of my cuts, a 34" should work.
Is there some reasons or ideas I may not have considered that would lead me to a 54" ???

All suggestions or opinions are welcome, as well as why not to buy a US cutter brand.

I'm not in a high production shop, just working out of my garage to provide items for several websites I have and take care of. So while I would like it to get real busy, I'm just starting out and trying to minimize my startup cost.

Thanks !


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US cutter is considered a budget brand but it's not horrible. They can be very good startup machines. Also, don't be fooled by the US part of their name. They are 100% Chinese. 34" should be good. Most people start with a 24" and move up from there as needed.