Vinyl Master Pro


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I'am considering purchasing Vinyl Master Pro as a less expensive software alternative to FlexiExpert.

Any thoughts?

Thanks... Roger


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It has it's advantages/disadvantages !!!
Pretty much,,, what you're comfortable with !!!
Got both here,,, use each in certain areas !!!
Only problem here is on daylight savings change,,,
seems it knocks it off till reregistered !!!
Mines the older version,,, no key,,, just #'s !!!


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corel draw and cocut pro would be my choice,,, For one reason is resale value if anything.
VMP seems to be asleep. Every now and then they announce the soon comming version 3,, but then they fall asleep again..
We have to agree with Tech on this one. If you are looking for an alternative, Corel and CoCut would be a very viable way to go. The makers of CoCut will bend over backwards for you.

You may also be able to cut directly from Corel - if you are still using a Roland.