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The Vector Doctor

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Many times when someone emails me a logo the first thing I ask is.. "Are you printing or cutting vinyl" or "what is your layering preference"? I finally got around to going into it more in depth

Hope this clears things up. Also when ordering from me keep this info in mind and let me know if you have a preference. Not everyone knows how to use the welding, knockout and other editing tools in their graphics and sign software of choice

Jen Goodwin

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I like that! On the layered version, I would attach that orange burst to the blue layer so that when it is layered in vinyl, it doesn't show where it lips over the blue box. :)

J Hill Designs

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nice post! a typo right after the layered file graphic, tho

As mentioned before, let’s assume want to remove the sun graphic from this. All you do


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Just looking at how the vinyl ready is a knockout, I just didn't think about it that way before, and knowing what I know about trapping (too much and too little) I liked the option with the orange burst. Overall it just gave me pause to think how creating vector images can be quite varied. I create almost all my own art, so its not an issue with me, but if I have to take a jpg, there is a lot of overthinking.