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Vinyl Roll Slicing


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Our local supplier (FDC) only has 30" roll in the color we need. My plotter will accept films up to 29.13" so I am needing to know if anyone has cut rolls of vinyl before? I called FDC and they use a baloney slicer only more complicated piece of machinary. Has anyone used a table saw with a certain blade or a band saw? I am not so concerned with frayed edges but more so the blade becoming hot and melting the vinyl together.


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Band Saw

I have used a ban saw with a fine blade. You have to take it slow so you do not fuse the vinyl by melting it. Never tried a table saw but I think that would be to aggressive.

Good luck!


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Cut vinyl

I have tryed the bandsaw with no luck. It melts the vinyl also it's hard to cut a stright line. However I have used a chop saw with better luck than the bandsaw and unrolling the hole role and guide cut it.


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Most wholesalers will slit free of charge. I would call around before risking destroying a whole roll!



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i know earlmich.com cut theres a bit back , and sent me info about it , they use a jointer like tool with what looked like a deil slicer blade on it to cut the vinyl . sry been some time since i ask .

Fred Weiss

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Most suppliers will cut 48" transfer tape to requested sizes with "baloney slicer" style slitters. These same slitters can do a more than acceptable job of cutting a roll of vinyl.

I would inquire with your vinyl supplier about performing this task for you. If he can't or won't, look for a new supplier.

Contech has been making maskers and slitters for the sign industry for 25 years now.


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Most suppliers that we have worked with offer slitting, usually one or two cuts free too.

Honestly, I don't know what those slitters cost, but shouldn't suppliers figure that into their operating expenses?

Like Fred said, there are plenty of other suppliers out there, and more than one of them will be willing to slit vinyl for you if your current one won't.


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I guess I should have explained the situation better. I needed the vinyl that day. I could not wait for mail order to arrive. My regular supplier Ameriban could have sent it however like I stated I could not wait. So my local supplier (in town) who only sells FDC and GMI only had the color I needed in a 30" roll. They do not slice anything. They are ABC Blueprinters. They sell mostly drafting supplies but do cater to sign supply. They are the ones who I get my MDO, Alumacore etc. from. So I really needed to know how they slice the vinyl rolls. I have heard to use a band saw with a razor band for the band saw. In any case I went ahead and juts cut the pieces I needed from the roll and ran it as a single. Thanks for the help.


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Here is something that I have found that is just way to expensive for roll slicing. Kinda looks like a lathe if you ask me, but since you didn't here is my 2 cents anyways.

Roll Slicer