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vinyl suppliers?


New Member
i just got my vinyl cutter a week ago and am currently using signwarehouse as my supplier does anyone know of a cheaper vinyl supplier in california or on the web, because i am buying with my living money or does anyone know of any cost cutting tips. thank you for any information


New Member
I love buying vinyl.... every time I do it means I just made money!!

if you are selling signs... some of that can be your "living" money.... but some of it HAS to be "vinyl money"

That is the basic premise of capitalism... buy low... sell high... & if you are making something (like a sign) & not just re-selling the vinyl... then, sell even higher!

There is no reason not to have money for vinyl unless you are not saving enough of what you bring in... or not bringing in enough. Those are 2 ways to go out of business fast... & buying the cheapest vinyl out there is the third way.