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Vinyl with bad sprocket holes - (too close together)


New Member
Has anyone else run into this problem? Occasionally, vinyl for the Gerber Edge FX has a bad punch pattern. We have received rolls where the sprocket holes are too close together, causing feed issues with the vinyl and foils.

We have run into this from more than one vinyl manufacturer.

Just curious if anyone else has had the same problems and how they may have resolved them.

(So far, we have returned and rolls that don't match a sample of "good" sprocket holes.)


New Member
Occasionally on oracal they aren’t punched all the way thru.
But 3M and scotchcal220 are good


New Member
Not so much a problem with the holes being punched through. We had about (6) rolls of 3M Scotchcal that had bad hole patterns.
3M has been a solid material for this printer. Just a bad lot got through QA, I guess.


New Member
Maybe twice in the last few years we got those bad sprocket holes in the Gerber 220 (too close together). Just returned it or exchanged from distributor. It helps to have the original label with lot #.