Want ask? Workspace


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Want to ask? Workspace

Wanted to ask Flexi users if thay use a "Workspace " lay out other than "Default" setting? And if so what advantages if any do you think you get?
Steve :cool:
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We use the default because that is what we learned on but if we had worked in another program extensively we would probably use that workspace, for example I have a friend who uses the Corel workspace because they started there first with T Shirts/screen printing and because the still use Corel. Familiarity is the main advantage I can see to the workspace feature.

Fred Weiss

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I use the default. It's what I'm used to using. I seem to recall also, that when I experimented with a couple of them, that some Flexi commands were left out of some workspaces.


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I think it is there to ease transition from a different software.

For example when we purchased Flexi, we were still using Inspire, and after a week of frustration, I uninstalled Flexi and continued to use Inspire for several months. Then one slow day I was looking at the Flexi manual and saw the workspace option, so I reinstalled Flexi, changed it to the Inspire workspace, and wow, it was easy to use. Now I have switched over to the default environment.


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(This is the the same post I put on the other site)
I only ask because, A screen printer we use, upgaded from Casmate to Flexi and had ask me to show him somethings.
He said he HATED Flexi,
I said that cause your use to another program, when I went to his shop I all most didn't how to use it my self ( he had set the workspace to Casmate and it was all most unrecognizable to me ) & sents have tried other workspaces.
I guest it's what your used to!

To Fred: I found that lot ,too Thanks


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I tried to change it to mimic Illustrator but I felt it fell way short of doing so. I believe some features of Flexi became "hidden" if you will and is more of a pain to work with then the default setting. I think it is more of a transitional phase for people to ease into, but find it more difficult to do so that way.


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I used the casmate workspace for a while, but I ended up customizing it a little from there.. then I had to re-install the software (changed computers)... had to customize all over again... the changed computers again... figured out if I just learn it from the default setting... I can always get it back exactly like I'm used to (once I am used to it)