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I lost my web page editing capabilities when my computer went south a few months ago. I have been putting off the rebuild because the shopping cart I was using was a nightmare to do to get it back to where it was. It was so far out of date on some things and had some mistakes that I did not know about. Customers just worked around them...lol

Got to looking around and found a shopping cart that did everything I needed. Now everything is on one page instead of scattered about in a dozen different pages. The best part is that I don't have to maintain a web site apart from the main site in order to give discounts. The customer just puts in the coupon code and the discount is taken care of.
The coupon code for :signs101: is located at the bottom of my signature.
I'm still trying to figure out a few things on the videos so please be patient on that. I do have a link that takes you to youtube to see a selection of the videos I make. You can choose which ones you want to see or you can watch them one after another automatically.

I hope the new pages will help reduce any confusion.

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white vs black

is the felt color just for aesthetics?
Felt has been a little bit of a problem. It can shed fibers in the edges of an install where the glue may come in contact with the felt. This is the number one reason for using cotton instead.

Felt does a better job over all. In most installs, the edges get trimmed away so the fibers are trimmed with them. On the few that don't get trimmed, It is far better to have fiber colors that don't stand out. Since the borders of most prints are white, the white felt works best.

I don't see any advantage to having black felt over the white except it don't show the ink stains and such as much as white.

We now use a self adhesive felt that holds the fibers much better.
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