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Weird grainy & fuzzy prints 310


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for some time now I get grainy & fuzzy prints on my 3 year old 310.

It is on X axis, row type. One row it is bad, especially on the right (close to the park side) better on the left side.
The next row of decals are OK (ish) and are OK a large number, then after some tens of cm it is fuzzy again.

It is the same with different materials. But more pronounced with my old used vinyl (cheap one I must admit).

Optimizer is reduced.

Heads are aligned automatic and manually

Heads are new.

One thing: I have some adhesive paper from ends of rolls stuck on the rubber rolls that carry the materials (sorry no better words)


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Update, maybe it helps someone:

Bad profile. Although I have used the same profile and the same vinyl for years. Some how the default vinyl profile corrupted, I don't know how or why. I have reprofiled the media and all is fine.


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if its not alignment, its your media feed calibration.
stock profiles are nice, but these machines are built to profile themselves for whatever material you run through it....so take the time to set it up right on the front-end!

edited to add: thanks for updating your thread, however. too many people start threads for issues, but fail to follow-up with the solution to their problem


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It is a custom made profile, not a canned one. But maybe there is some incompatibility with it and Wasatch, because I always have trouble installing it in Wasatch after an software upgrade.